Next Gen Cities
4th Edition
15 to 18 May 2018 
Bombay Exhibition Centre -
NSE Complex, Goregaon (E), Mumbai
Next Gen Cities

Next Gen Cities

Next Gen Cities

Currently, 31% of India’s population lives in cities; these cities also generate 63% of the nation’s economic activity. These numbers are rapidly increasing, with almost half of India’s population projected to live in its cities by 2030. Smart Cities focus on the most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for residents today and in the future.


Smart Cities Mission of the Government is a bold, new initiative. The objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable  environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions. The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other aspiring cities. The Smart City Mission will be operated as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) and the Central Government proposes to give financial support to the Mission to the extent of Rs. 48,000 crores over five years i.e. on an average Rs. 100 crores per city per year.


Energy and Utilities

  • Smart Grid and smart meters
  • Energy Storage
  • Distribution generation/ renewables
  • Home energy management systems
  • Microgrids
  • Fault and outage management systems
  • Demand response

Smart Cities Solutions

  • Cloud Services
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • High Speed broadband, Wifi, wireless
  • technologies
  • Sensors and other intelligent devices
  • E-Government/ e-Procurement
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Software and computing resources/networking
  • Smart payment systems
  • Open data
  • Mobile apps



  • Waste management / Zero waste
  • Smart Water systems
  • Wastewater management/ reuse
  • Energy efficiency
  • Telemedicine/ m Health devices
  • LED lighting

Built Environment

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Green Building
  • Intelligent street lighting systems


  • Electric, autonomous, stop start vehicles
  • EV charging stations
  • Connected vehicle technologies
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Smart Parking management/aaps
  • Contactless payments
  • Video analytics
  • Smart fleets/ urban freight management
  • Smart traffic signals

Smart Public Safety

  • Advanced data sharing services
  • Integrated security systems/surveillance
  • Predictive policing
  • Mobile devices and routers
  • Centralised command centres
  • Social media
  • Facial recognisation/ biometrics
  • Robotics

CII announces the “1st edition of GenNext Cities 2017” an International Exhibition and Conference focusing on Smart Cities from 17-20 April, India Expo & Mart, Greater Noida. This is being held concurrently with Global Exhibition on Services (GES), in association with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and SEPC.

GenNext Cities 2017 would feature:

  • A Three -Day Exhibition
  • Smart Technology Demos
  • Conference
  • Case Studies
  • Roundtable Discussion


Government representatives from Ministries, Regulatory Bodies, Municipalities, Local Authorities, etc.

  • Embassies and Trade Offices
  • CEOs, COOs, VPs, Country Managers and other

senior management or decision makers of public and private organizations

  • Engineers, Architects, and Consultants
  • Suppliers and buyers of relevant technologies


  • Companies and consultants involved in smart cities concepts
  • Project management companies
  • System integrators
  • Builders and property developers
  • Media and advertising companies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • End-users, etc.

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